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About Adumbrate Design
Adumbrate Design was established in 2003 by Jeremy Leverton as a vehicle for his graphic design . Initially specialising in greetings cards, logos and bespoke wedding & other event stationery, Adumbrate Design is not tied to these disciplines and will consider all things graphic.

Jeremy has had an interest in design for "as long as he can remember", with a paticular bias toward the graphic which for many years lay dormant. Despite having been an award winning photographer and having spent 7 years working in the Computer Aided Design section of Team Lotus (the Formula One team), it was designing the wedding stationery for his own wedding that proved to be the spark that combined this love of design and his computer experience to such great effect.

With influences ranging from Rene Magritte, the album cover work of Storm Thorgerson, the music of Kraftwerk and Pink Floyd, the comedy of Monty Python and Douglas Adams, to more recently the Apple iPod, Jeremy describes his work as "modern, minimalist and memorable". He explains, "I like to try cut things down the the bare essentials without losing the intelligence or wit of the message". This is often much harder to acheieve than is at first apparent. "Effortless simplicity can be jolly hard work!" he says.