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Bespoke Wedding Stationery by Adumbrate Design

Five steps to your bespoke wedding stationery:

Bespoke wedding stationery from Adumbrate Design is stylishly integrated and personal to you. We keep you involved in the design process so that the design truly reflects your taste and personalities. We also aim to make the whole business of getting your wedding stationery as simple and hassle free for you as possible, whilst being flexible to any last minute changes.

Step 1:

We meet up and we show you the Adumbrate Design portfolio, and have a chat about you both as a couple and the wedding plans. From this you get an idea of the style of our work and we get to know something about your tastes and plans for the wedding itself. We will also need to discuss what items of stationery you will require (invitations, orders of service, etc.). These details can change, but we need to have some idea at this stage. This meeting needs to happen about 4 months before the wedding, at the latest.

Following this meeting we go away and come up with at least one, but more usually two or three ideas and/or designs.

Step 2:

We then meet up again, usually about two or three weeks later, and we present the ideas/designs to you. At this stage these will probably be rough sketches, but it may be a concept that we need to explain.

Step 3:

Assuming you wish to go ahead with Adumbrate Design, you will need to choose one of the designs presented to you. We will then come back to you with an estimate based on the work involved in finalising the design and the number of guests and stationery. If you accept that, we will require a deposit.

Step 4:

Once we get the deposit, your design is finalised. We will usually generate one or two design and colour choices along the way and can let you make decisions on these, if you wish.

Step 5:

Once the whole design is finalised we then get the stationery printed and delivered to you as and when you require it.

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Phone: 01962 627487